Last Will and TestamentDo you have a plan to take care of your legal needs during your lifetime? Do you have an estate plan? Tending to your legal needs is as important as taking care of your health and saving for your retirement. Keeping it up-to-date with the changes in your life is essential.

  • Are you getting married, or are you planning a new committed relationship? You need to understand the differences between the two relationships and plan to take care of yourself and the person you love.
  • Do you have young children? You need to name a guardian, if you die before they are grown, and provide a plan to care for them.
  • Do you have a family member with special needs? You can provide for them and protect them with a special needs trust.
  • Are your children grown, but still young, and you want to provide for and protect them? You may want to use a trust to manage the assets you give them during your lifetime or at your death.
  • Do you have a will? Do you need a trust to manage your property during your lifetime or for your loved ones at your death?

Madeleine Taylor Baugh is an experienced life, estate and business planning attorney with substantial experience in real estate. She assists her clients in planning for these and other legal needs during their lifetimes and at their deaths. Madeleine is committed to assisting her clients find practical, livable, and cost-efficient solutions to their legal needs. She listens.

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